Esposende is a small coastal city in the North of Portugal with 11 000 inhabitants. It is located 50km from Oporto and 30 km from Viana do Castelo. This city is blessed by nature once it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the river Cávado and by mountains. It is situated in the “Parque Natural do Litoral Norte”, a natural park that covers river beaches, beaches, sand dunes, pine woods. The main water streams are the river Neiva and the river Cávado, the latter with a beautiful and large estuary. This park was created to preserve the sand dunes and the flora (there are more than 240 species of plants).

Because of these water streams, Esposende is ideal for practicing water sports like kite surfing, kayaking and fishing.

Castro de São Lourenço
This ancient village or settlement dating from many centuries ago. There are archaeological remains from so many centuries that this “Castro” was divided into sectors. So, for example, Sector C was inhabited during centuries III-II B.C.; sector T during IV B.C.. These remains are situated on the slopes of a small mountain with an amazing view over the Atlantic Ocean. stories. The ancient squares throbbing with history and people rushing or simply having a coffee.

Needless to say that when it comes to the local gastronomy, fish has a leading role. There are numerous restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal of grilled fish with vegetables cultivated in some small local farms. And if you fancy for something different you can always go to a cosy café and enjoy some nice tapas with a view over the river (see photos). This has a long tradition in pastry (Clarinhas, Folhados....) with some coffee shops that offer not only the traditional pastries but new interpretations (see photos). One thing we can assure is that you will not regret tasting them!

City Centre
In the city centre you can wander around and feast your eyes on the many interesting buildings like churches and private houses dotting the city.

Not only in Esposende but all around it, you have many beaches, some very crowded, but some almost in pristine conditions. They all have one thing in common, the sand dunes that which gives them a special charm. Also, in Apúlia, you can also be delighted by the windmills facing the sea on the top of the sand dunes.

Despite being a quiet place, you can also enjoy yourself. There are discos and nightclubs and even nice coffee shops where you can listen to live music

This is a very quiet city, tailored to those who want to enjoy a few days of rest while enjoying nature, archaeological sites and gastronomy at its best with the warm welcome of Portuguese people.